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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  February 29, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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illinois. nbc's doug wolf reports now from harrisburg, illinois, where one twister stayed on the ground for miles. >> reporter: a tornado outbreak in the heartland overnight tore across four states. the worst hit, the rural southern illinois town of harrisburg. >> this was just a horrific event. i mean, this was something that hit about four minutes to 5:00 this morning when people were still sound asleep. >> reporter: in kansas, the storm struck without warning. >> all of a sudden, windows went out just like a big shotgun went off. and i told my wife, hit the floor. she says i'm down here already. >> reporter: in missouri, the town of buffalo lost at least one of their own. >> they are devastated. they lost one member of the family. >> reporter: the popular tourist destination of branson, too, suffered major damage but did have time to get out a warning. >> fortunately, we were warned early and people took heed of that, and so we had very few injuries. >> reporter: but back in harrisburg, they were not as
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lucky. >> felt a truck pick up, slammed on its side and drug across the parking lot. >> reporter: at least six killed, more than 100 others injured in the tight-knit town. >> we have lost children, we have lost loved ones, we have lost, you know, part of our family here in this community. >> reporter: the heartland now heartbroken over the loss of so much and so many. it's a devastating storm that will leave bad, lasting memories for years to come. in harrisburg, illinois, doug wolf, nbc news. that same storm system had an impact, although considerably less severe as it moved into our area. this was the scene on route 1 in alexandria this afternoon that roadway was closed in both directions because of flooding from heavy rains this morning. it didn't open up again until around 4:30 this afternoon. kammerer here to talk about this storm. >> the eastern two-thirds of the
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country affected by the storm one way or the another. you can see back toward omaha, nebraska, first ones reported, that is also the first tornado ever reported in the month of february in nen member and then that line of tornadoes through kansas, missouri, right over through portions of kentucky, getting hit hard right now. don't worry about tornadoes here. we are going to see thunderstorms and you will see lightning in through porings of virginia, northern virginia and in through western portions of west virginia, too. some will produce heavy rainfall and a new flood watch across the area for i-81, off toward the west, some location does pick up another half an inch of rain as we move through the night tonight. not done with this storm system quite yet. there is another one coming in time for the weekend. i will get that you one in a
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minute. >> thank you. lead-foot lawmaker ignites a speeding controversy. karen toll was clocked in going 100 miles an hour on the beltway when she got off with just a warning. news4's pat comes joins us live on police headquarters. this suspect tisn't the first rh police. pat? >> she has a history but i will get to that in a minute. police believe she was going 50 miles over the limit, but they didn't think they could prove t she got a warning instead of a speeding ticket. the fact she was a council member, they say, nothing to do with it. it appears in she can walk fast,
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too. prince georges' councilwoman karen dolls, with some help from some security officers she moved quickly today to avoid reporters' questions about an incident a week ago where a cop says she was doing 105 miles per hour near the beltway and branch avenue. they say she was driving a county car when it happened. she got a ticket for an unsafe lane change, about $90. but for driving 50 miles an hour over the limit, what did she get? a warning. you and me go 50 miles over the limit, what do we get? $500 fine, five points against our license. police say the camera in the officer's car shows he was going 105 in pursuit of ms. tolls, but they say his speedometer wasn't calibrated, that he didn't have enough time to pace her and didn't have enough probable cause to write that speeding ticket. they say there was no favoritism involved. >> we don't believe this police officer afforded anyone any special treatment and in fact, we do know that he issued a $90 citation to the council mber for her unsafe lane change. >> reporter: ms. tolls appeared
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today at the iverson mall for a crime prevention meeting. there, she just read the statement she handed out last night. >> i consider violations a very serious matter and i regret the incident. and i intend to pay the appropriate fine for these moving violations. >> reporter: this is not her first incident with the police. in september 2010, she was fined $110 road for driving a road off the vehicle. march 2010, ticketed for unsafe lane change, the fine, $90. may 2009 and again in june 2009, tickets for not having a child properly restrained in a car safety seat. total type fines there, $50. now, tonight ms. tolls says she will voluntarily not drive a county vehicle until she takes a driver improvement course until she ensures her safety and the
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safety of others and why wasn't that officer's speedometer calibrated? the officer is an administrate and the officer doesn't do much roadwork. live in prince georges county, i'm pat collin was, news4. >> thank you, pat. a dozen occupy d.c. protesters were arrested this morning outside the monsanto building in northwest d.c. trying to block enchances to the building occupy d.c. protest letters be able to stay at freedom plaza through april 29th. the national parks service is working on an extension of the protesters' permit that expires next tuesday. park police evicted protesters who defied a no camping ordinance at mcpherson square earlier this month. a former marine indicted for
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murdering another navy officer could face the death penalty. the u.s. attorney general says the government will pursue the death penalty for jorge avilla torres. he is accused of killing 20-year-old navy petty officer amanda jean snell, found dead in her barracks at lenderson hall in 2009. torres was convicted in 2010 of abducting and raping one woman and robbing another during separate attacks in arlington. he is also being investigated for murdering two girls near chicago in 2005. teachers went back to school in chardon, ohio, today, two days after a teenaged gunman opened fire at the high school there. three students were killed in that shooting and today, the parents of one of the victims talked about losing their son. jay gray reports. >> reporter: two days after gunfire ripped apart their campus and community, teachers at chardon high school came back today. >> there's nothing i can do
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except for, like, hug them. really without them, i don't think a lot of us would be where we are right now. i think it would be a lot worse. >> reporter: it couldn't be any worse for the families of three young men, danny parmator, demetrius hewlin and russell king, all gunned down in the prime of their lives. >> you know, like everybody always says it doesn't happen here, it doesn't happen to me. and it did. i don't know how and i don't think we could get through it without the families and the community. >> reporter: a community struggling with the pain of what they've lost and the horror that one of their own is accused in the attack. tj lane arrived at the chardon lletproof vest.erday in a during a procedural hearing, the 17-year-old looked to be fighting back tears and overheard saying to family members, "i am sorry. i am sorry." plos kirts offered a bit of insight and possible motive. >> he chose his victims at random. this is not about bullying, this is not about drugs this is
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someone who is not well. >> reporter: a sickness that affected the entire community. >> the worry's not gone. it's not gonna be gone for a while, i'm afraid. >> reporter: freshman class president brittany wilson has an uneasy feeling about returning to classes on friday but knows that that maybe the only way her school and this tight-knit mmunity will survive. >> we are going to come together as a family and we are going to get through it, we are one heartbeat. >> reporter: that beat a bit softer now, and at times, out of rhythm after what they have been through, but still strong enough, most here insist, to help them through this unthinkable tragedy. jay gray, nbc news, chardon, ohio. now to a developing story out of richmond, virginia. lawmakers failed to reach an agreement on a new state budget. senate democrats rejected the spending plan approved by republicans. republican governor bill boling does not have authority to break a tie on budget issues. the legislation would keep virginia operating through the middle of 2014.
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if virginia lawmakers cannot agree on a budget by the end of june, the virginia government could shutdown. d.c. police chief kathy lanier says the city should have a new breathalyzer test to help fight drunk driving in about six months. police stopped using breath tests two years ago after they learned the machines they were using were flawed. hundreds of cases were questioned because of false readings. the city has still been able to prosecute drunk driving cases without the breathalyzer data. but chief lanier says new testing device will be ready soon. >> probably going to be another six months before the breath lizers are back up and run bug we still have a very good alcohol program and still making an awful lot of arrests so when it does come back online, it will be probably one of the best programs in the country. >> the chief says the new test has been delayed in part, because the city has to make sure that any new test matches city law requirements. up next on news4, a fairfax county gas station targeted
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three times in less that a week the unusual weapon used to cheap o -- clean out the register. a huge fire sends firefighters to the hospital and now investigators say it was the work of an arsonist. a local woman denied come communion at church. why she said she was singled out by the priest. won michigan and arizona. yet whether he can make taine his momentum into tuesday. what is ahead on sports? >> a wizards star is benched and [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices
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and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum, we can empower more people to innovate, create jobs, and put momentum behind our economy. and a spectrum auction could raise as much as 30 billion dollars to help fund the payroll tax cut. it's simple. more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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police in fairfax county say a guy attacked a gas station clerk with a hammer t happened back on january 28th inside a mobile station on richmond highway in alexandria. the robber targeted the same business three times in less than a week. police say he ran off with some stolen cash twice. he try a third time, showed a knife, he couldn't get through the locked door. pentagon officials say they will brief families of 9/11 terror victims in the coming weeks after a report revealed some partial remains were dumped in a landfill. today the top air force general says the dover air force base mortuary acted on guidelines from the pentagon.
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he says the instructions came in 2002 from the pentagon personnel chief. yesterday's report found human remains from the pentagon and shanksville, pennsylvania, attacks were involved. a woman says she was denied communion at her mother's funeral because she is gay. her name is barbara johnson. she says a priest denied her -- told her that she lived with another woman, which is a sin in the eyes of the church. johnson says he then left the altar when she delivered a eulogy and skipped the burial without finding a replacement. she told msnbc's tamron hall she wants an apology and she wants to have that priest removed. >> not removed from the priesthood, per se, but removed from parish sites so no other family has to experience the tragedy that we did on the saddest day of our lives. >> the archdiocese says it is not common practice for a priest
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to publicly reprimand someone who they don't believe should be able to receive communion. smir hoping victories michigan and arizona will spell success on super tuesday next week but rick santorum is still upbeat heading into that critical primary day. jennifer johnson has the latest. >> well, it was a big night last night for me, very pleased, very good news. >> reporter: confident and relieved after victories in arizona and michigan, mitt romney is back on the campaign trail talking jobs and the economy to voters in ohio. >> do you want someone who spent his life in the private sector, who understands where jobs come from or do you want someone who ent his career in washington? >> reporter: rick santorum says he is pleased with how he did in romney's home state. >> we had a much better night in michigan than maybe was first reported and we actually won half the congressional districts and so we are going to walk out
6:17 pm
of michigan with 15 delegates and he is going to walk out of michigan with 15 delegates. >> reporter: and newt gingrich's still appealing to voters today in georgia. he believes a victory in his home state will be a key building block to move his campaign forward. >> so, georgia really does matter and the campaigning we will be doing for the next few days really does matter. >> reporter: romney is hoping his latest victories will give him the momentum for super tuesday. experts say nothing is certain yet. >> he has an opportunity to really begin to close down the deal, if you will, but he still has that little problem with the base you can the activist hard-charging republican, conservative who is looking for him something that tells him he is one of them. >> reporter: 419 delegates are up for grabs on super tuesday. right now, romney is about 80
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delegates ahead of santorum, but the real test will come on super tuesday. on capitol hill, jennifer johnson, news4 this is not the way i want to spend my extra day. >> a beach should pop out of somewhere? >> a bonus day. >> not happening. mother nature giving us rain on this leap day. not a little bit of rain but a lot of rain. some areas picking over an inch now we are talking about heavy rain making its way into parts of the region out there right now. you can see, plains, hey, they are still landing out there at dca, reagan national but there are a lot of delays up and down the east coast. if you are heading out tonight, you want to call ahead of time if you plan on getting on a plane. here is the rain, see what i'm talking about the heavier rain up toward the north and another batch the south, the fredericksburg region, right around washington. most of this is on the lighter side, starting to see the rain pick up now. let's zoom on in. talking about frederick, toward hagerstown, martensburg, charlestown seeing very heavy
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rain right now, right along route 340 here, just to the north of leesburg, heavier rain along route 7, we are seeing some of that heavier rain just to the north, waterford, route 9 here, some of the rain coming down at a pretty good clip. this under a flood watch. show you who is involved. counties along i-81, clark county, frederick county in virginia, panhandle of west virginia, up toward washington county, in through maryland, flood watch in effect until 3:00 tomorrow morning, also looking at a flood warning back here toward the west, hampshire, out toward mineral and allegheny county until 10:45 tonight. already seen a lot of rain and will continue to see some, the mountainous terrain easier to see flooding out that way, but look what's coming, we are not done just yet. a lot of rain still to come. see what is happening down to the south. here is one train of moisture, down around charles -- around charlottesville toward fredericksburg, another neck and southern maryland, you folks are
6:20 pm
going to see a lot of this rain coming through, up toward the north, another swath of moisture coming through the panhandle of west virginia in through portions of northern maryland, extreme northern virginia that is going to be the other area that see a lot of rain, we are not done just yet, more thunderstorms forming around charleston, big-time severe weather to our west and tornado watch in effect toward roanoke. you widen out here, this is a monster storm, blizzard conditions yesterday, back toward the west, in through portions of the high plains, now talking about that storm moving through chicago. boston, six to ten inches of snow there could see the biggest snowfall of the year with that storm. haven't seen much snow at all. first snow of the february, of february for them, up there in that region, follow the front down, severe weather into mississippi, current tornado warnings now, even some spotted tornadoes in and around tennessee and northern portions of alabama, so, again, just a major storm making its way through the east.
6:21 pm
for us, mostly just a rain event. 51 out there now, winds out of the south southwest, five miles per hour. 58, fredericksburg. 43, frederick, cold rain coming down in martinsburg, only 41 degrees up there. i do expect temperatures to rise overnight tonight as we are starting to get into that warm sector, temperatures will rise early and fall by tomorrow morning but still very mild. by tomorrow afternoon, plenty of sunshine and we are just warm out there you wanted a nice day, doreen, tomorrow, 68 degrees, how about that? >> okay. >> take you through friday, more rain on friday, guess what, another strong storm moves in on saturday that one could have another round of severe weather in parts of the south, maybe a few storms for us, too. this evening, rain, some that will be heavy you some thunder possible, some of those temperatures will continue to rise. we move on through the day tomorrow, a high of 67 in the d.c. area, then 57 on friday, with rain moving in late, heavy rain, most likely early on
6:22 pm
saturday morning, right now, sunday looking okay. still left that chance of light snow into sunday night and into monday. once again, doesn't look like anything much but wouldn't be surprised some areas wake up to something out there on monday morning. >> not enough to affect school? >> i wouldn't think so thank you, doug. up next, dramatic video shows drivers blowing stop signs on school buses. what local leaders want done to make sure students are safe. there's some backlash over an ad on metro that targets president obama. ♪ take the last train to clarksville ♪ >> the music world is mourning the loss of a legend. tonight, a look at the legacy
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ten people are dead after a series of tornadoes swept through the midwest. some of the worst damage was in the southern illinois town of harrisburg, where six people were kill and 100 more were injured. dozens of buildings were also damaged or destroyed in parts of kansas and missouri. a member of the prince georges county council is at the center of a speeding controversy. karen tolls was reportedly caught going over 100 miles an hour on the beltway last week.
6:26 pm
she was not given a ticket. tolls has a history of driving offenses. in a written statement, she said today she will not be driving a county-owned vehicle until she finishes a driver improvement program. teachers return to school today in chardon, ohio, just two days after a teenager opened fire inside a high school. three stud up thes were killed and several more were wounded. police say tj lane picked his victims at random. he appeared in court yesterday and heard telling the families of the victims he was sorry. students return to class on friday. investigators say a fire set at a house in riverdale was arson. >> not the only arson case that authorities discovered. derrick ward has the latest in this report. >> reporter: this radio belonged to one of the firefighters injured fighting a blaze that the riverdale house last friday evening it is now part of an investigation, three exactually, into the cause of the fire, the
6:27 pm
operation on the fire ground and safety. the one nexus of those probes. >> the investigative team has determined that the fire that occurred at 6404 57th avenue in riverdale was arson >> as for the fire next door, investigators believe there is indeed a connection, but it happened two to three weeks before friday's fire. >> both houses are unoccupied, however, there is evidence that people have been inside of both of them. >> reporter: seven firefighters were injured. one remains hospitalized with second and third degree burns over half of his body. regs resident of the neighborhood say this house just down the block on the same
6:28 pm
street burped several years ago with arson determined to be the cause and the culprits apprehended. police are now step up patrols around this riverdale neighborhood -- >> from a fire and ems perspective there are eight fire houses within four miles of that community and we are very confident that the fire and ems protection being provided is more than sufficient to keep them safe. >> as a neighbor and a person that lives the neighborhood, i think we all need to be looking out for each other. >> reporter: in riverdale, derrick ward, news4. >> firefighter kevin o'toole's condition is reportedly improving. investigators ask anyone with information on those fires to contact police or the county's arson tip line at 301-77-arson. drivers who stopped a school bus stopped in montgomery county that could soon be hit with a $250 fine. last november, bus drivers told us that that is a serious problem. since then, they have been using cameras to gather data. and they just released a video
6:29 pm
that shows how bad the situation is. next week, the county is expected to approve a program similar to red light and speed camera programs. automated cameras would be mounted on buses, they would capture pictures of cars that pass illegally. tickets, $250 worth, would be sent out in the mail. a sinkhole snarled traffic along route 450 in bladensburg this morning but should be an easier drive home this evening. the road is now open. two blocks were closed today when a sinkhole opened up on westbound 450 at route 1. officials say a large water main that broke early this month caused the sinkhole. they plan to start making repairs after 9:00 tomorrow night so that that road can remain open during the morning and evening rush hours. controversy tonight over a metro ad that targets president obama. virginia congressman jim moran is fighting to have the ad removed. jane watrel has more from the clarendon metro station. >> reporter: ad in question is
6:30 pm
at the end of a clarendon metro platform t is promoting a film called "sick and sicker" a movie made by opponents of the obama administration's health care law but upon closer view, it calls for the president to "go to hell, barack." angry, virginia congressman jim moran. >> we should not have ads that are totally inappropriate for the public to be seen, telling the president to go to hell and vugt suggesti suggesting people get an obamaectomy or something. it troubles me that metro allows it to be sewn. >> reporter: moran sent a letter to the head of metro asking the ad be remove bud a statement to news4, metro says the advertising is a first amendment
6:31 pm
freedom and they cannot ban political ads. metro riders had little to say. >> interesting. >> i don't know. no comment about it. >> reporter: moran is calling for the public to weigh in. >> people of whatever political persuasion should not have to deal with ads that are clearly over the top. >> reporter: a metro spokesperson says he is not sure how long the ad will remain up at the clarendon metro station and not aware if there are other ads at metro stops around the d.c. area. in clarendon, jane watrel, news4. weather out there, doug. flooding already? >> we have some flood warnings, new flood warnings issued by the national weather service for areas to the northwest of washington and also the southwest, those two areas i was talking about 10 to 15 minutes ago. over toward leesburg, to the north of leesburg, montgomery county now, seeing lightning out
6:32 pm
of these storms making their way toward the east and even a heavier band of rain into the district. zoom here, right where i'm talking about 270, north of gaithersburg, we are seeing that lightning, back to the west in lovettsville, luckets area, portions of loudon county, heavy rain associated with this, portions of west virginia and down to the south, another area of heavy rain, charlottesville, culpepper and fredericksburg. now you can see we have flood warnings in affect including winchester back down to the south including charlottesville, stanton and parts of west virginia, continue to see the potential for level vin rain, already occurring. give yourself a lot of extra time tonight between you and the guy in front of you as well, a lot of extra space, too. >> good advice, thanks, doug. a challenge to maryland's same-sex marriage law has taken another step forward. the general assembly passed that bill last week. governor martin o'malley is set to sign it into law tomorrow
6:33 pm
night. opponents, however, have filed a petition to allow a referendum. today, election officials approved the language that would be used in that petition. it would require nearly 56,000 signatures to put the measure on the ballot in november. if that challenge is not successful, maryland's same-sex marriage law will take effect in january. it has been almost four years since the u.s. supreme court threw out the district's strict happened gun ban but the city is still trying to remove administrative restrictions that critics say make it too hard to register happened guns in the home. tom sherwood reports. >> reporter: in june 2008, the supreme court threw out the city's strict handgun ban that had been in place since 1977, saying it violated the u.s. constitution's second amendment right to keep and bear arms. despite the clear high court ruling, the district still enacted a series of administrative steps restricting
6:34 pm
how a handgun could be licensed, what training an owner had to do and when or where guns had to be tested and reregistered. >> the district has one of the most draconian set of restrictions for owning a gun of any place in the country. >> reporter: at a hearing wednesday on the city's police department, judiciary chairman phil mendelssohn said the council would soon vote on several changes to make handgun registration more simple for the owners. >> we realize that there are some glitches in the law that we ought to fix to just make it a little bit easier for individuals who wish to possess firearms legally. >> reporter: among other changes, the bill would make it easier to get ownership training, eliminates routine vision tests, cuts down on reregistrations and eliminates restrictions on types of ammunition and other restrictions. mendelssohn and chief kathy lanier says changes in the law would make it easier to
6:35 pm
administer. only about 1500 handguns have been registered in the city of more than 600,000 resident. officials had feared the city's crime rate would increase without the ban but they say it hasn't. >> i don't think it is going to impact enforcement at all. i think there are reasonable changes that are being made. this is what people have been saying it is so difficult. >> an important purpose of registration is to separate law-abiding people from -- with the criminal element so those who register are not the ones we should fear committing crime. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news4. >> several say the district has to ease gun ownership requirements or face new lawsuits or congressional action. leap day comes up only once every four years but for some it is definitely worth the wait. parking theaters in the district are getting a new look and if you don't know the rules it could cost you. maryland head coach mark church says his players are making strides and a local coaching and radio legend signs
6:36 pm
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
beginning tomorrow, people who write tickets in this city will begin writing them for people who use those new red-top parking meters illegally. those meters are reserved only for drivers with disabilities. you have to display a placard or have a special license plate. disabled drive letters no longer be able to park for free, but they will get a reduced rate. there are about 400 of those red-top meters across the city. it is a day that comes once
6:39 pm
every four years and tonight, several local families are marking leap day with a special delivery, while others are putting a ring on t news4's erika gonzalez has more. >> reporter: february 29th, only comes around the once every four years n the d.c. metro area it means beginnings of all kinds. >> we are gathers here today. >> reporter: couples tying the no. >> i now pronounce you legally married. congratulations. >> reporter: it's the lel sele operation of life at hospitals around the area and bouncing baby boys seem to be a trend. just after midnight you 7 pound 8 ounce william grayson shaw made his debut at southern maryland hospital center. little more than an hour later, cole longfellow entered the world.
6:40 pm
and mom, lee, says the once every four year day couldn't be more perfect for a birthday. >> we didn't really do anything ordinary any ways so he is a good thing. >> reporter: leap year babies are celebrated all over town, if you come here in bethesda and order any item on their menu, you get a free $50 gift card. free burgers at z burgers and how about a dozen cupcakes courtesy of sprinkles just for bag leap year baby. -- being a leap year baby. who wants one birthday every four years? wash-fm's maureen mcclaine does. >> and yes, today is my tenth birthday and i want to wish all of my fellow leap links happy birthday, too. >> when february 29th rolls around, she says she does it up big. ♪ happy birthday to you >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: erika gonzalez, news4. >> if you're asking why we need 366 days a year every four years instead of 365, it's to keep our calendar in alignment with the earth's revolutions around the
6:41 pm
sun. >> you knew that didn't you? >> yep are i knew it because i think we talked about it a little earlier. >> science class. >> 'cause doug told us. >> you know, doug knows everything when it comes to that. >> that's what he says. we are going to tell you sports, good news for the nationals, the playoff picture becoming a little clearer, they may have a better shot of making the playoffs. and the playoff picture for the capitals better as well. the terps ready to tangle in the the terps ready to tangle in the triahi. welcome to carmax.
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hello, i'm doug kammererer in storm center four. talked about that big golf umbrella needed today a lot of reports on facebook and twitter, the biggest thing they are saying, hey, doug, need to build an ark. you are seeing two inches in some locations, in the district, heavy rain now in the northeast. report along u street, maryland through hyattsville down through tuxedo, maryland, all seeing
6:45 pm
heavy rain right now. to the north and west, gaithersburg, clarksburg, seeing thunder around lightning there, that rain continues to be very heavy, we will zoom in on this area, you can see what i'm talking about here, around barnsville, burdet, around clarksville, clarksburg up toward damascus and close to mount airy, heavy rain out there now. farther to the south, southern mary land and fredericksburg. fredericksburg i-95 seeing very heavy rain that moves on through the northern neck, across the area, through charles county, northern portions of st. mary's county, eventually in toward calvert county, all see that heavy rain and that line extends back toward culpepper, we have seen a line of rain there, too south and west of culpepper, a flood warning that is issued for that area and much of the i-81 corridor. tonight, 53 in washington, you wake up tomorrow morning, most of the rain should be out of here by tomorrow morning that is the good news, by tomorrow afternoon, this will all be a memory. we will be able to dry out quite nicely, rather breezy, high
6:46 pm
temperatures into the 60s for most of us. could stay in the 50s the north and west. once again, got get through the next couple of hours, give yourself extra time on those roads. >> thanks, doug. >> thanks, doug. going to make a change? >> mm-hmm. >> is that a good idea? talking about major league baseball? >> a good idea if you are a fan of a team like the nationals, it could be on the cusp of not making or making the playoffs. yeah, but isn't there a problem with a focus instead of competition how much more revenue you can get because you bring more markets into that? is that too elitist? >> suspect revenue always the focus? >> big business. >> money always talks. >> you are right. you are right. >> certainly the case here. >> we have been putting the nationals and playoffs in the same sentence since training started and now could be more realistic than ever according to multiple reports. major league baseball will expand the postseason from eight to ten teams this season. that's two more teams than in the past, 20% better chance the
6:47 pm
nationals could be in the playoffs. now to the comeback caps win that rhesus ate tated a fans base and put themselves back in the mix. alex ovechkin and the caps losing 2-0 with the islanders. look at that grip. until late in the third period. 3:30 to play, here they come. matthew perot stoerngt troy brower, all alone in front of the net, watch this deflect off his stick and in, makes it a 2-1 capitols. 30 seconds to go game-tying goal, capitals win the playoff. look who is on the doorstep, brower again. tied at 2. going to overtime. brower hits his first two goals in 14 games. in ot, mike green defense, here is the great 8, alex ovechkin, not going to stop that his 26th goal of the year. that is the game winner. caps come back to win it 3-2 in
6:48 pm
overtime. they have now won three straight for the first time since mid-january. all four games at the verizon center. >> today my game was not that good, i tried to do my best. this game is going to be done and then we have to think about next game. >> i like their determination tonight. i liked -- just keep saying, i like the style of game we played. real simple, real hard working and we just had that kind of game where we knew we needed to win. we came in after the second period and we had smiles on our faces 'cause we were just confident here and we had a good feeling. >> good times. next up, new jersey on friday at verizon center. exasperation, something we have been seeing from wizards coaches since eddie jordan was fired. eddie tap scott, flip sanders and now randy whitman all baffled by a young team seemingly incapable of finishing games on a consistent basis. last night against the bucks, another one that got away. randy whitman and the wizards were looking to start the second half of the season strong,
6:49 pm
didn't happen. there was some good, some bad and some ugly from jamal mcgee, the longest reach in the nba. check this out. isn't that ridiculous? the old hook slam. you don't see that very often. jenning the go-to guy for the bucks. the buck goes up by one. wizards still have a bit of time. 2.2 seconds left. get it to the wylie veteran sman and he walks. wizards lose 119-118.
6:50 pm
needless to say, head coach randy whitman none too pleased. >> i'm done with young guys they don't want to play the right way. young guys respect gonna play. does us no good, not learning anything when they play the way they want to play. doesn't do us any good. >> he is not just blowing smoke. nick young andoff veil mcgee benched. they will not be starting tonight's game with the magic. terps down in chapel hill ready to upset sixth ranked north carolina. with two games to go the terps have exceeded all realistic expectations and win over the tarheels would be the cherry on top of what has been a good but trying season for the coach. >> you raise kids, you want it to change right away but it doesn't. it is a process. this is a process. but i think the strides that we've made being who we are is tremendous. but it's no fun going through
6:51 pm
what we're going through. no fun, no fun losing. people around here tilling me this, telling me that i appreciate that but still no fun going through it. >> did you guys listen to the radio at all around 3 to 4:00? >> talking about john? >> big john. >> finally signs off. going to miss him. >> going to miss him a bunch. >> a heck of a show. >> he is stepping down, a legend leaving first, john is thompson steps aside after turning georgetown into a national power now leaving his successful radio show at espn 980. john thompson speaking his mind for the past 13 years, having been hired by wtem radio just after resigning as the head coach at georgetown. he has been joined by many co-hosts along the way and he has some fond memories of those days on the radio. >> i feel great because, first of all, the guys who came to my
6:52 pm
rescue when i resigned from the position at george up town and i enjoy being with i done it for 13 year, i had no intentions when i came here being this long. i came just to do the ncaa tournament, they asked me to stay and 13 years later, i'm still here. >> pop the top, big john. not saying retirement but he is stepping aside. look at all those guys. all very important parts of his radio show and all celebrating with john thompson. >> you know we haven't heard the last from him. >> oh, no, never. >> will be welcomed, whatever he has got to say. way to go john. move over rachael ray, "top chef" is holding a casting call in the district looking for its
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
♪ let me get that door for you... [ man ] i loved my first car... sometimes the door gets stuck... oh sure. ooh! [ man ] ...and then, i didn't. um... [ sighs ] [ man ] so, i got a car i can love a really, really long time. [ male announcer ] for the road ahead, the all-new subaru impreza®.
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♪ experience love that lasts. davie joan, the frontman for the '60s band, the monkees, died today in florida. ♪ hey, hey, we're the monkees and people say we monkey around ♪ >> the only british member of the band created for the television show, "the monkees" that show was meant to capitalize on the success of the beat polls but became a phenomenon in its own right. the band was extremely popular. jones became the teenaged idol. just ask doreen, she will tell you all about davy jones back in the day. sang lead on the hits such as "a little bit of me, a little bit of you" and "daydream believer," did i get that right?
6:56 pm
>> yes. >> he died this morning of an apparent heart attack. davy jones was only 66 years old. >> "last train to clarksville," huge when i was growing up. >> take your word for t. >> had all their records. tonight on news4 at 11:00, frustrated construction companies contact the news4 i-team saying the government isn't paying some of its bills. we are talking about roads and bridges you probably drive over every day in the district. tonight what the city has to say an i team investigation. plus, did you just work a hump day for free? what? the secret about leap years and what your company may not be telling you. tonight at 11:00. doug, you remember davy jones? >> oh, heck, yeah. >> read about him in school? >> yeah, i was talking, i used to love that show, in reruns. fantastic. >> thanks a lot. >> all right. >> thanks a lot. they live in florida. >> i was on an elevate we are davie jones one time. very nice guy. one of the shortest guys i ever met. a lot of rain out there now, even strong thunderstorms in through portions of montgomery county. watch out tonight on those
6:57 pm
roads, also heavy rain in portions of southern maryland and fredericksburg, virginia. some local chefs feeling the heat. a team for bravo's "top chef" season ten had an open casting call in phen quarter at graffiato owned by "top chef's" mike isabella. he epitomizes what they were looking for in hopefuls, personality. great cooking is not going to cut it. we caught up with one local chef and native washingtonian who said he is ready to represent d.c. >> set the record state, d.c. is not a place where trance kept chefs can come and make name for themselves, a place for local, put in the work, make d.c. the mark and the monument it is today for the rest of the world. >> l the top chef casting team has taken their search to new york, atlanta and to san francisco. but they say there's real potential here in d.c. it could still be several months before they make any kind of decision. >> potential? >> yeah.
6:58 pm
>> real talent here in d.c. >> that's what i'm thinking. and all around. plenty of it, too. >> give us the respect we are due. >> thank you. and have earned, as a matter of fact. nightly news coming up
6:59 pm


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